US Pharmacist

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  • Frequency: 12 Issues
  • UGC Approved: Yes
  • Published From: Abroad
  • Esimated Delivery: Foreign titles may take 8 -10 Weeks to start receiving first issue.


U.S. Pharmacist is committed to providing pharmacists with the highest quality clinical information. Our journal and programs, in both print and digital formats, will continue to deliver “need to know” information, relevant to the clinical aspects of today’s pharmacy practice, with the goal of improving patient care.

U.S. Pharmacist delivers clinical content to pharmacists, across all practice settings, to assist in achieving clinical excellence and improving patient outcomes. Each issue focuses on a general disease area, as outlined in the editorial calendar, with peer-reviewed articles focusing on providing practical information for managing patients’ drug therapies, initiating preventive care, and improving treatment outcomes. Features and departments address Rx and OTC products, alternative and complementary therapies, and home care products such as test kits and monitors. Continuing Education is featured in every issue.


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