Ranger Rick Jr.

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  • Format Available: Print
  • Frequency: 10 Issues
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  • Published From: US
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First published in 2012, Ranger Rick Jr. magazine provides a colorful and eye-catchingly fun way for your children to learn about nature, animals, and the world around them. Each issue is filled with vivid photos, fascinating stories, fun activities, and more to help kids develop an interest in outdoor animal habitats and the rest nature has to offer. A fun pull-out poster also enhances the learning experience!

Each issue features Ricky Raccoon, the face of the magazine, who appears regularly. Regular sections include “That’s Wild,” which shares interesting animal facts, “Games,” which contains fun games that involve animals and nature, “Let’s Read,” featuring short and easy-to-understand captions that accompany bright and beautiful animal photos, and “Look Outside and “Green Time,” both of which encourage outdoor activity an play time.

Ranger Rick Jr. is published 10 times throughout the year and contains no advertisements of any kind to help your children stay focused on learning. If your kids love to explore nature, learn about animals, and discover the world around them, a subscription to Ranger Rick Jr. magazine would be the perfect gift!


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