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First published in 1967, Psychology Today magazine is designed to help us examine our relationships with ourselves and others while taking a look at human behavior and the many facets that can contribute to it. Covering a wide variety of topics from anxiety and parenting to professional relationships with a psychologist, Psychology Today keeps it interesting in every issue.

Published on a bi-monthly basis, you can expect the following sections: “Insights,” an inner look at attitudes as they fall toward physical appearances, as well as tips to help you manage ailments and choose the best psychologist; “Health,” a section that discusses emotional well-being and all of the factors than can have an influence on it; “Food Chain,” which offers a closer look at the human connection with food and discusses the newest nutrition research; “Solutions,” which offers tips, tricks, and suggestions for navigating life’s little problems; “Personality,” a section filled with insightful essays and Q&A sessions that cover interesting people and experiences in the psychology world; and “Relationships,” a section filled with short stories that discuss powerful moments within relationships, as well as an advice column.

Anyone who enjoys engaging psychology facts and learning more about human behavior and relationships would enjoy a subscription to Psychology Today!

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