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Perfect for boys and girls, since 1976, OWL has been an entertaining, informative, challenging and inspiring magazine for inquisitive and driven preteens between the ages of 9 and 13. With the latest tech and science news – plus fun puzzles – presented with honesty, intelligence and humor, OWL keeps kids learning, growing and reaching for new heights.

With information on everything cutting edge, OWL features news on technology, ground-breaking discoveries and innovations, and futuristic inventions. Readers will even get new perspectives from expert interviews and be challenged with hands-on ideas. For really inquisitive kids, there are also book and movie reviews to help them find other great sources of information. And to see the cool things other kids their age are doing, each issue includes reader art and advice. All readers also get the chance to participate in fun and challenging contests!

To make sure OWL is always geared toward preteens, The Think Tank – the magazine’s kid-only advisory team – provides staff with feedback. And curriculum experts provide advice to make sure OWL’s content complements what readers are learning in school.

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