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First published in 1972, the magazine advises readers on how reach their financial goals at every stage of life, from buying a home to retirement. Additional topics regularly covered each month include investing, saving, retirement, and taxes to family finance issues, like paying for college, credit, career, and home improvement. In each issue, Money helps readers assess and improve their financial health by providing them with smart, no-nonsense tips, and strategies to make the most of their money.

Most of the content in the magazine is divided between two sections, “Plan” and “Invest.” Some of Money’s popular columns and features include: “Best,” the best financial recommendations, from banks to credit cards; “Tech,” smart money tips related to a range of technology topics; “Ask the Expert,” answers to reader-submitted questions; “Face to Face,” advice on discussing money matters with your spouse or family; and “The Numbers: Stocks & Funds,” an analysis of stocks and mutual funds.

Throughout the year, Money produces several annual issues, including the well-known “America’s Best Places to Live” issue, as well as a yearly “Retirement Guide” and “Investor’s Guide.”

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