Journal of Public Policy & Marketing

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing

  • Format Available: Online Only, Print, Print + Online
  • Frequency: 2 Issues
  • Impact Factor: 2017 - 1.8
  • Published From: US
  • Published By: American Marketing Association
  • UGC Approved: Yes
  • Esimated Delivery: Foreign titles may take 8 -10 Weeks to start receiving first issue.
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Addressing the dynamic relationship between marketing and the public interest, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing is a source for understanding today’s most important issues that rest at the nexus of marketing and public policy. Each issue features a wide-ranging forum for the research, findings, and discussion of marketing topics related to business and government, including, but not limited to, issues on innovation, economic development, globalization, ecology, safety and security, nutrition and health, consumer vulnerability and protection, ethics and social responsibility, regulation and deregulation, antitrust, privacy, and intellectual property. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing publishes papers that contribute to an understanding of the role of marketing as it arises from and leads to policy decisions and/or legislative and regulatory actions. All types of papers and research procedures are valued by the journal, including surveys, laboratory and field experiments, time series, conceptual analysis, and legal analysis. The journal welcomes both normative and positive-oriented articles, as well as both macro- and micro-level analyses. Papers submitted to Journal of Public Policy & Marketing should be explicit about the contribution to marketing and public policy.

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