Journal of Marketing Research

Journal of Marketing Research

  • Format Available: Online Only, Print, Print + Online
  • Frequency: 6 Issues
  • Impact Factor: 2017 - 3.7
  • Published From: US
  • Published By: American Marketing Association
  • UGC Approved: Yes
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Journal of Marketing Research (JMR) is a bimonthly journal that strives to publish the best manuscripts available that address research in marketing and marketing research practice. JMR is a scholarly and professional journal. It does not attempt to serve the generalist in marketing management, but it does strive to appeal to the professional in marketing research.

Editorial Objectives
The objective of JMR is to publish the highest-quality empirical, theoretical, and methodological marketing research. Because JMR is the major academic journal for research in marketing, articles published in the journal must make a significant contribution to the marketing discipline, provide a basis for stimulating additional research, and meet high standards of scholarship.

Nature of JMR Research
JMR publishes articles representing the entire spectrum of research in marketing, ranging from analytical models of marketing phenomena to descriptive and case studies. However, most of the research currently published in JMR fits into the following two categories: (1) empirical research that tests a theory of consumer or firm behavior in the marketplace and (2) methodological research that presents new approaches for analyzing data or addressing marketing research problems.


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