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Published since 1930, Fortune has long been an authoritative source of business information, covering everything from fast-growing start-ups to companies who’ve been in business for years. Currently, it is published 20 times per year. Topics regularly discussed in the magazine range from corporate mergers and company reforms to company profiles and who’s who in the business world. In addition, Fortune provides sound investment and stock market advice.

Content in the magazine is organized around several regular sections, such as “Pursuits,” which covers travel topics; “Venture,” a focus on business start-ups; “Tech,” a wide-ranging look at the application of technology in business; “Invest,” investing tips and money advice; and “Insights,” expert takes on business and financial subjects. Written for successful business leaders and those who aspire to be, Fortune is perhaps best known for its annual lists published in several special issues through the year. The “Fortune 500” and the “Fortune 1000” present the top ranking public corporations, while the “Fortune Global 500” ranks the top international companies.

Additional special issue lists and rankings include: “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For,” “World’s Most Admired Companies,” “Fortune 40 Under 40,” and “Most Powerful Women in Business.” Annually, a “Best in Business Issue” is published that features the “Business Person of the Year,” as well as an “Investor’s Guide.”

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