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  • Format Available: Print
  • Frequency: 9 Issues
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  • Published From: US
  • Esimated Delivery: Foreign titles may take 8 -10 Weeks to start receiving first issue.
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FACES is a valuable education tool for children who have interest in other cultures and the diverse people of the world. It delivers unbiased information about common customs, unusual foods, languages, rules of the road, important animals, art, housing, folk tales, games and more — enough to make your child feel like a local. Each issue focuses on a different culture and includes editorial that incorporates authentic local voices.

As the 2016 GOLD Award Winner at the Parents’ Choice Awards, FACES was called out for obtaining content from around the world that fosters curiosity and a sense of human connection by utilizing both cohesive subject matter, photography and text as well as opportunities for reader participation.

Give a child the world with FACES!

Kids ages 9 to 14 who have an interest in different cultures of the world will enjoy a subscription to FACES.


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