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Consumer Report

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  • Format Available: Print
  • Frequency: 13 Issues
  • Esimated Delivery: Foreign titles may take 8 -10 Weeks to start receiving first issue.


Consumer Reports is a consumer-advocacy magazine that sheds light onto product safety and efficiency issues. In each issue, readers will find product safety guides, industry news, ratings and comparisons between popular products, tips on how to reduce waste, and financial planning and investment advice.

The magazine’s editors have products and services rigorously tested, so product reviews and ratings give consumers the best information to make better buying decisions. By presenting the research and facts, their investigative reports hold industries accountable and protect consumers from potentially harmful investments or purchases.

Some regular content in Consumer Reports includes “Insights,” which focuses on news reports, shares experts’ answers to common questions, and offers innovative solutions. The magazine also includes the popular “Road Report” section, which is devoted to car reviews and news. Read about top cars on the market for every budget, and which ones to avoid. Cars are rated based on a road-test score, reliability, owner satisfaction, overall miles per gallon and price range.

For smart shoppers who want to enjoy a fairer, healthier marketplace, a subscription to Consumer Reports is the right decision.


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