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  • Format Available: Print
  • Frequency: 9 Issues
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  • Published From: US
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Published by the Cricket Magazine Group, which was founded in 1973 and specializes in quality magazines for kids, ASK is a fun and informative magazine that helps young readers improve their reading and thinking skills while answering all of their questions about science and the world around them.

With a perfect blend of education and entertainment, ASK is full of engaging ways to help curious and bright minds learn about science, history, inventors, artists and more. Published nine times a year, each issue has a unique theme, whether it be related to space, animals, music, or another interesting topic. Ad-free, scientific articles and activities answer children’s “how” and “why” questions. The content is perfect for kids who are ready for more challenging reading, and interactive sections get them reflecting on what they’ve learned and improving their critical thinking skills. But it’s not just about learning; it’s about fun, too! With comic strips, activities to get kids involved, and contests, young minds stay engaged and coming back for more. They’ll particularly love Marvin and Friends, a group of crazy characters who appear in the margins and provide commentary on the articles.

ASK is the perfect magazine for young readers who love science and the arts and just can’t stop asking questions!


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