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The Global Journal of Computer and Internet Security, published by Enriched Publications, is a reputable scholarly journal dedicated to advancing the field of computer and internet security. It serves as a prominent platform for researchers, academicians, and professionals to share their innovative ideas, theories, methodologies, and practical applications in the realm of security in computer systems and the internet.

The journal covers a broad spectrum of topics related to computer and internet security, including but not limited to:

  1. Cybersecurity: GJCIS focuses on research and developments in cybersecurity, including techniques for detecting and preventing cyber threats, vulnerability analysis, intrusion detection and prevention systems, cryptography, secure protocols, and security management.
  2. Network Security: The journal emphasizes network security, covering topics such as secure network architectures, firewall technologies, secure routing protocols, secure wireless communication, network intrusion detection, and network forensics.
  3. Data and Information Security: GJCIS invites research papers on data and information security, including secure data storage and transmission, access control mechanisms, data privacy, database security, secure cloud computing, secure data analytics, and secure information retrieval.
  4. Web and Application Security: The journal covers web and application security, including topics such as secure web development practices, secure coding, vulnerability analysis of web applications, web application firewalls, and securing e-commerce and online transactions.
  5. Mobile and IoT Security: GJCIS publishes articles on security issues related to mobile devices, mobile applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT). This includes topics such as secure mobile application development, mobile malware detection, secure IoT architectures, IoT privacy, and secure IoT communication protocols.
  6. Threat Intelligence and Analysis: The journal encourages research on threat intelligence, including techniques for gathering and analyzing threat data, threat modeling, threat intelligence sharing, and threat detection and response.
  7. Privacy and Identity Management: GJCIS covers research on privacy-enhancing technologies, identity management systems, privacy-preserving data mining, anonymous communication systems, and privacy in social networks.

GJCIS follows a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the quality and relevance of the published research. The journal welcomes original research articles, survey papers, review articles, and case studies, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange among researchers and practitioners worldwide.

As a publication of Enriched Publications, the Global Journal of Computer and Internet Security upholds the highest standards of integrity, scholarly rigor, and academic excellence. It plays a vital role in advancing the field of computer and internet security, fostering innovation, and contributing to the global efforts in safeguarding computer systems and internet infrastructure.


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