Process for Submission of New Journal Title/s to UGC-CRRE List

Universities and Colleges

Only teaching faculty from universities can recommend the journals following the prescribed submission process. Recommendations of journal title/s shall be routed through universities and colleges as follows:

  • Universities: IQAC cell of the University may recommend journal title/s to respective regional UGC-CARE University.
  • Affiliated colleges: College IQAC cell may recommend journal title/s if found suitable to parent university’s IQAC cell. Parent university IQAC cell may forward recommended journal title/s if found suitable to respective regional UGC-CARE University.


Anyone can recommend a journal title/s to a UGC-CARE University through IQAC cell of the nearest college or university only by following prescribed submission processwith the recommendation of teaching faculty.


Publishers can submit journal title/s through IQAC Cell of an affiliated college/ IQAC cell of the university by following prescribed submission process with the recommendation of teaching faculty.

UGC-CARE Universities

Each UGC-CARE University should follow the procedure given below to add journal title/s received from universities/ colleges/ individuals/ publishers from its respective region.

  • Evaluate the journal as per UGC-CARE protocol Part II: Primary Criteria.
  • If found suitable submit necessary information through CARE portal.

UGC-CARE Council members

Each UGC-CARE Council member should follow the procedure given below to add journal title/s.

  • UGC-CARE Council member should validate academic quality of journal title/s and must state reasons for recommendation.
  • If found suitable, members shall submit Basic Information about the journal title/s on the UGC-CARE portal.


  • Mere submission of proposals for consideration of inclusion of new journals will not confer any right for being included in the UGC-CARE List. The inclusion of the journals in the UGC-CARE List would be solely on the basis of the criteria mentioned herein above.
  • Final decision regarding inclusion or exclusion of journals shall solely vest with the UGC-CARE EC.
  • The UGC-CARE List is dynamic. It shall be updated quarterly i.e., on the first of March, June, September and December (or on the next working day if there is a public holiday on these dates) every year.
  • If any good quality journal is missing, it may be submitted by following the prescribed submission process. If any undeserved journal is found anywhere in the List, it may kindly be reported through the feedback option.

New Submission Form

UGC-CARE Protocol Part I: Basic information

  1. Journal title
  2. Journal broad discipline and focus subject
  3. Name of publisher
  4. Country of origin and registered address
  5. Journal language/s
  6. Publishing frequency
  7. Editor name, editorial office address, phone, email and website
  8. Current status (date of last publication) (print/online/both)
  9. ISSN / eISSN
  10. Other registrations/ memberships such as RNI/ COPE/ UGC-CARE

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