Reasons Librarians Are More Important Than Ever


We have celebrated librarians day 12th August 2017. We couldn’t resist paying homage / respect to one of most important pillar of life : Librarian. Very few people really understand and utlise the crucial role played by the librarian. Although they are asked to take various responsibilities, these passionate and savvy educators  more than a librarian day / week of praise.

I have shown a list but it’s mere a start of list how the librarians are important:

  1. Librarians Make Feel Comfortable:
    Library welcomes everyone no matter about students skills or interests. It is a safe place for every friend / student to hangout in a institute. You can be quiet alone or utilize your time for research sensitive topics.
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  2. Librarians Make it Simple to be Unique:
    Sure, it may be a stereotype, but c’mon — you know it’s kind of true: After the art teachers, the librarians are the ones with the most unique styles, personalities, and interests. And because of this, all kinds of kids feel comfortable with the school librarian.
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  3. Librarians Keep our foots on ground
    In a library, kids can stay connected to the past. Whether they’re exploring books in the stacks or scrolling through pages of microfiche, kids learn about themselves and their communities by exploring history.
  4. Librarians Know Technology and Remain Updated:
    In many schools, the library media specialist is the go-to expert on all things tech. Don’t know how to use that Smart Board? Looking for a great app for annotating texts? The librarians have adopted many new technologies in the libraries to keep pleasant reading experience. Anyone who does not understand even to use new phone say Ask Librarian !
  5. Librarians  Honest and Show us the Truth:
    Today in the age of whatsapp and facebook we come across many fake news and information. Librarians make it very much clear about fake news, copyrights and other legal aspects.
  6. Librarians Create Genius People:
    Librarians are makes / creators of Genius people. They provide learning centres to kids and researchers to enhance their skills.


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